Innovating for Social Good

Innovating for Social Good, our Collaboration with Nacional Monte de Piedad

Net Positive Labs is privileged to collaborate with Nacional de Monte de Piedad Monte) in their remarkable mission. Founded in 1775, Monte has been unwavering in its commitment to serving Mexican society for centuries (literally). Through a network of offices across Mexico, Monte helps millions of families through their financial services and social impact investments.

Monte stands out by offering accessible loans to individuals facing immediate financial needs, often of a short-term nature. Instead of charging shark-like interest rates typical for-profit pawn shops, Monte's interest rates are lower. Even more impressive is that Monte boasts a remarkable recovery rate way above 80% for pawned items, a testament to their dedication in helping people in the best possible way and encouraging them to reclaim their possessions. Moreover, they have coined a concept they call ‘Demasia’ to make sure any potential surplus when selling the pawned items that were not recovered by customers goes to the customer directly, returning value to them. Their approach, ethos, and mission are completely different from commercial parties. Every year, Monte provides vital support to 3 million families across Mexico, offering low interest rates, and fair item valuation.

Beyond financial services, Monte directs resources toward social investments, targeting critical areas such as health, education, housing, gender equality, food security, community development, and economic growth. These social investments impact the lives of 2 million people annually through 600 private assistance organizations and programs.

Monte aspires to be recognized as the most impactful Private Assistance Institution, with the goal of supporting 6 million Mexican families by 2025.

We are assisting Monte with their strategy for innovation and digital development. We've pinpointed key digital areas to focus on and introduced agile methods throughout their main innovation initiatives. Our support extends to their entrepreneurial programmes, which involves evaluating potential start-up projects and ideating and creating new products that are important for their strategic and impact goals. We're proud to contribute our sustainability focus to Monte which would augment their positive impact benefiting both the environment and society.

Nacional Monte de Piedad, Casa Matriz