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The purpose driven innovation
and venture studio

We build high growth businesses that fix the dysfunctions of current business models and address societal and planetary needs.

"To thrive today and tomorrow, companies must become net positive—giving more to the world than they take."

Polman, former CEO Unilever

Our Net Positive Mission.

Our mission is simple. To accelerate the transformation towards a net positive world. We do this by partnering with companies to build high value ventures that will improve our business models, society, and planet.

We help companies respond to direct pressures and systemic challenges. We believe that all companies have a responsibility to look inward and adapt business models. Companies can also look to influence their industries with the launch of new ventures.

Venture Building and Sustainable Innovation.

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Venture Building

We provide end-to-end venture building services. We design bespoke venture activities, we identify, validate, and launch strategically relevant and purposeful digital businesses.

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Sustainable Innovation

We help optimise existing business lines. We share our knowledge on sustainable, circular, and regenerative business models to apply to your existing business lines.

Regardless of your current stage, we can help you get started, i.e. setting your venture building & sustainable innovation, through to accelerating existing initiatives and ideas.

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Venture Building is a powerful approach for companies to achieve corporate and sustainability objectives.

Venture building provides companies with a faster, cheaper, and de-risked approach to explore and launch new business opportunities that are adjacent-to or beyond existing business lines.

We support you venture building ambitions from setting your first venture strategy through to execution and launch.

Venture Programme

Determination of strategic scope, objectives, and operations of your venture programme



End to end venture execution from ideation, validation, MVP and product build, and full market launch



Establish an in-house venture vehicle to launch and scale an entire venture portfolios 



Collaborate with allies across your industry or ecosystem to launch powerful joint ventures

A well designed venture programme provides companies with important advantages. There are many ways that companies can structure their venture programmes.


Whether you aspire to launch a portfolio of ventures or test a one-off opportunity, we help companies establish a venture building strategy that fits your corporate objectives and maximises venture success.

Let's build a wave of disruptive & sustainable ventures together!

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Venture Building

The Net Positive Labs Difference.

Net Positive Labs provides its partners with an unmatched combination of experience to corporate venture building. We have been on both sides of the table and understand the differing needs that companies might have. 

We use our combined decades of experience across corporate innovation, tech start-ups, and sustainability with leading organisations to help you design your bespoke venture programme.

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Decades of experience leading some of the world’s most ambitious open innovation & venture build programmes established by corporates & governments globally. We know first how to build a successful venture programme.

Corporate Innovation

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Seasoned venture builders and experienced tech professionals. We have worked with dozens of companies across the different stages of venture building, within tech start-ups / scale-ups. We know the best practice approaches to venturing.


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Deep expertise in fields of sustainable innovation, circular & regenerative economics. This stems from building purpose driven ventures and from applied research with leading research organisations. We integrate sustainability in all our ventures.


The Venture Building playbook is applicable across sectors and  industries. We focus on areas of greatest need for change.


Circular Plays

B2C and B2B business models that can accelerate and enable "circularity" across your ecosystem.

We build circular businesses across all industries. Our focus is on platform business models that can optimise supply chains, create secondary markets, sharing economies, or provide the right data platforms to enable new transactions.

Circular businesses optimise ecosystems through digitising and connecting relevant stakeholders. They include platforms and SaaS tools and are already proving their worth. Our experience in platform business models and circular economy drives us in this direction. 

We work with companies regardless of industry. We believe that every industry and ecosystem has a number of opportunities to build great ventures

We have developed several industry focused programmes as a result of decades of experience in these areas, access to a strong network of experts and investors, and a strong need from the market to innovate

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Sustainable Finance

Finance for the future. How can the financial sector support the global transition to greener value chains.

We work with financial institutions to accelerate their role as  innovative sustainability leaders. From mobilizing capital (assessing & transferring risk) and providing customers with the tools to accelerate the advent of new business concepts.

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A Better Built Environment

The built environment is in rapid need of innovative solutions to reduce inefficiencies and waste

The built environment is being disrupted across all parts of the value chain. Drivers including digitisation of supply chain & workforce, data exchange, IoT & tracking, sustainability are opening the door to enormous business ops.

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Accelerating Net Zero Energy

Supporting the global transition to energy efficient and carbon neutral business models 

Supporting the global transition to energy efficient and carbon neutral business models, From voluntary carbon markets, energy tracking, to optimisation of renewable supply chain.

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