Building new businesses that matter
Net Positive Labs has the mission to accelerate the transformation towards a more sustainable world.

We work with companies to co-create high growth businesses that fix the dysfunctions of current models and address societal and planetary needs. We do this by mixing circular and regenerative economics with the powers of venture building.

Our clients

Venture building
Venture building is a powerful method that combines the complementary strengths of entrepreneurship and established corporations. It provides companies a structured approach to explore and launch new businesses in a faster, cheaper, and de-risked manner.

In co-creation with our customers we identify strategic opportunity areas, ideate high potential solutions, build robust business cases, validate hypotheses with market experiments and prototypes, build tech products, and launch new companies.

We identify shortfallings in value chains and turn them into opportunities.
Innovation & research services
Our innovation services help corporations, organizations, universities and entrepreneurs connect leading research to practice. From roadmapping and scenario design to constructing innovation portfolios, we have executed innovation services and research projects for some of the most prominent actors.

The Net Positive Labs team has experience in pursuing independent research programs as well as cooperating with research partners on joint programs or consortiums. We hold expertise in both advancing new research and translating existing research into applied innovation and policy.

A passionate team to build a better tomorrow

Net Positive Labs was founded by entrepreneurs, innovation and sustainability experts to accelerate the transformation to a more sustainable world.

We have worked in leading venture studios, and built and led corporate innovation and corporate venture programmes. We are deeply engaged with the entrepreneurial and sustainability ecosystem in building businesses that address global challenges. 
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We support mature start-ups & scale-ups  integrate sustainability and navigate the nuances of launching new businesses and solutions
We provide strategic advice, sector expertise, and deal flow to VCs, accelerators & innovation programmes
We bridge the gap between innovation and sustainability with leading academic institutions and think tanks
We nurture with early stage start-ups, and incubators as mentors, advisory board members, and angel investors

We love to work on complex challenges and take off where others drop the ball.

Our colaborators

“To thrive today and tomorrow, companies must become net positive - giving more to the world than they take.“
“Growth-conscious executives should see the sustainability-driven shifts in value as a call to play offense. Pivoting their strategy to embrace this moment, first movers are gaining the upper hand“
“Companies that prioritize business building tend to grow faster than their peers, respond with greater resilience to volatility and economic shocks”
Why business building is the new priority for growth