Building businesses that matter
We help our customers ideate and deliver business solutions that are strategically relevant, scalable, and good for people and planet.

By adapting current businesses to reduce their negative impacts in society and environment.

Creating new solutions and ventures born to be profitable while having positive influence in the system we live in.

Our clients

Why Jumping In
Corporations are increasingly facing pressure from consumers demanding more options, governments increasing regulations, investors favouring sustainable businesses, and new players disrupting existing models.

Many organisations have a strong desire to provide sustainable - and tangible - business solutions, however, this is easier said than done.

We have already helped dozens of clients across Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East advancing sustainable solutions and making a difference.
Our Services
Sustainable Innovation
Aligning current businesses to sustainability goals requires focused innovation efforts to identify opportunities to adapt operations, incorporate new partners, build alternative solutions or invest in exciting upcoming players and technology. We go beyond the strategy (or the powerpoint) to accompany our customers designing the route and executing.

Co-creation of new solutions and ventures
For those ready to go one step further, we can provide end to end support to identify, design and launch solutions and businesses that would both tap into the huge revenue pool that sustainability has opened up and impact the world in a positive way.

We understand that companies are at different points in the sustainability journey. We have provided a number of Workshops and Boot Camps to upskill and raise awareness of our customer's teams on circular business models, ideation and validation

On a mission to accelerate the transformation towards a more sustainable world

Net Positive Labs was founded by entrepreneurs, innovation and sustainability experts.

We have worked in leading venture studios, and built and led corporate innovation and corporate venture programmes. We are deeply engaged with the entrepreneurial and sustainability ecosystem in building businesses that address global challenges. We are deeply committed to making a difference and driven to transform these challenges into possibilities rethinking business models and providing a for-profit view to the sustainability space.
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We support mature start-ups & scale-ups  integrate sustainability and navigate the nuances of launching new businesses and solutions
We are deeply rooted into research as a means to feed the creation of new solutions. This keeps us connected to the latest developments.
We know impact will come at scale only if we are capable of creating both economic, environmental, and social value
We know technology is key to help us come up with new solutions and we have surrounded ourselves with the talent that can bring that to life.

We love to work on complex challenges and take off where others drop the ball.

Our colaborators

“To thrive today and tomorrow, companies must become net positive - giving more to the world than they take.“
“Growth-conscious executives should see the sustainability-driven shifts in value as a call to play offense. Pivoting their strategy to embrace this moment, first movers are gaining the upper hand“
“Companies that prioritize business building tend to grow faster than their peers, respond with greater resilience to volatility and economic shocks”
Why business building is the new priority for growth