Building a Circular Economy Roadmap for Qatar

Client: Global Green Growth Institute & Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

All nations need strategies to diversify towards sustainable industries. For resource-driven economies, this pressure only increases. We have been a research and analysis partner in a global green growth institute-funded consortium project alongside UrbanEmerge. Its aim: is to build the background research for an exhaustive circular economy roadmap for the Government of Qatar. 

We focused on evaluating key sectors notably: manufacturing, hospitality & tourism, water, energy, and agriculture. Assessment across these sectors focused on how they were organized domestically, their potential for diversification towards knowledge driven growth activities, and their existing investment in sustainability and circularity principles. 

Our research helped frame how circularity can help drive national economic diversification towards sustainable industries on an accelerated timeline. This research helped frame and identify key opportunities for public & public-private investment opportunities for alternative growth strategies in an increasing resource constrained environment.