Extending furniture lifetime in Saudi Arabia

Furniture is the number one least recycled item in a household. Only 0.3% of furniture on average is recovered for recycling. Furniture adds to the more than 15 million tonnes of solid waste per day in Saudi Arabia. Furniture is  typically disposed of despite often being of high enough quality to be reused, refurbished, or recycled. This causes both environmental and societal problems. 8 out of 10 furniture pieces currently end up in a landfill.

Net Positive Labs is working with a consortia of clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeking to build tech solutions to local social and sustainability problems. We are in the final stages of launching a novel solution to enable the recirculation of furniture in the region.

We are building a platform venture enabling B2C and B2B owners of used furniture in good condition to resell their pre-loved items to a market of buyers. Our venture combines the digital with the physical and solves key market short fallings including logistics, refurbishment, and creating trust between supply and demand. 

As part of our venture building, we support our client with the relevant registration, governance frameworks, and founder incentives.

The Platform is currently in stealth mode with a soft launch planned for Q2 2023 with a trajectory to scale across all major cities in KSA and potentially also the GCC region.