Net Positive Wine Production

We are wine lovers and we are bullish on going into net zero and beyond. That’s why we have decided to work in making a wine that would both respect the environment and create a social positive impact. 

El Pinillo is the name of the piece of land where the vines that have given life to this wine grow. Some of them are over 70 years old, and today they continue to bear fruit that feeds on a granite soil that covers part of the Gredos mountain range near Madrid.

We have hand-selected the bunches, only partially destemmed them, and fermented with native yeasts. This process has allowed us to create a fresh wine, with the fruit very present and the nuances of the plot that we are still trying to discover. More importantly, we have made it without synthetic chemicals and following environmentally responsible practices. This wine has a net positive impact; it creates employment, contributes to the regeneration of the assets involved and is neutral with respect to greenhouse gas emissions.