Modular construction marketplace

The construction industry is one of the most inefficient, wasteful, and polluting. Concrete production alone counts for between 4-8% of global CO2 emissions and construction waste is the leading source of waste by mass and volume. The construction sector is highly fragmented and still largely non-digitised. This leads to enormous non-value add activities, including inefficient management, wasted materials, delays, etc.

Modular buildings are increasingly emerging in the construction as a more reliable and less wasteful alternative to traditional construction. Despite this, modular is still time consuming, expensive, and has some sustainability problems. Even in modular building we are seeing unnecessary waste as buyers always look for new designs and manufacturers design for single use.

Net Positive Labs is working with a leading provider of modular building solutions to launch a unique platform to address shortfallings around the speed, reliability, and cost of specific built solutions by repurposing and reusing existing supply. The team has already completed a number of projects, including repurposing buildings from classrooms to accommodation for refugees.

Net Positive Labs are building a digital platform that identifies, assures, and aggregates pre-used and other existing modular infrastructure & inventory. Our platform is designed to provide municipalities and developers a first class UX to procure and install the most relevant, and customized, modular solutions.