Creating a data driven carbon sequestration platform

The rise in temperature due to Greenhouse Gas Emissions, mainly CO2, is one of the biggest threats to humankind. Limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees, requires massive efforts, mainly  reducing but also removing C02 (AKA negative emissions).

Nature based solutions, in particular, have a vital role to play. Forestry in particular is key in the toolbox of efforts to fight climate change. A solution that is low in energy needs, maintenance and produces important co-benefits such as air and water purification, community and biodiversity benefits. The carbon sequestration market, in particular the voluntary one, is still an immature one.

There is little data and no transparency over a fragmented market without clear rules. It is also still far from the expected demand for offsetting that the system is forecasting. All this while there is an urgent need to scale carbon removal solutions up to 100 times.

Creating new solutions in this space represents a great business opportunity with a potential massive positive impact on our goals to reach zero net emissions by 2050 (NetZero). In line with this, we are taking part in an exciting new venture.

We are working with the founding team and a lead investor on fleshing out the initial idea into a business concept and product that addresses the key flaws and challenges in forestry activity when dedicated to carbon capture. We’ve co-created initial designs of a prototype that would support validation and early conversations with potential investors and have served as sparring to the founders to iterate and evolve the value proposition.

Customer: "Thanks to their broad skill set, network and expertise in sustainability, NPL has been for us a valuable one-stop-shop that has accelerated each one of the first steps of our venture"