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Capitalize on Sustainable Innovation.

Ignite and accelerate your company's sustainable transformation by equipping your teams with a sustainable mindset.


"Growth-conscious executives should see the sustainability-driven shifts in value as a call to play offence. Pivoting their strategy to embrace this moment, first movers are gaining the upper hand"

McKinsey (April 2022)

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Sustainable innovation is the right mindset to achieve corporate objectives. We help define and integrate the latest solutions.

The benefits of sustainable innovation have been well characterised. Companies transforming their business models to be more circular and regenerative can expect to see a number of positive results.

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Improve Unit Economics

Increase resource & asset productivity, prevent value chain leakage, drive  economies of scale through digital innovation and  collaboration.

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Enhance Public Image

Create a positive brand image that drives passion and loyalty, encourages ecosystem partnerships, attracts and retains top talent driven by purpose.

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Contribute to our Future

Move business forward whilst making a positive impact on the huge challenges facing the planet and our way of living.

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Decouple economic growth from resource consumption, diversify revenue streams, better anticipate regulation and customer preferences.

We use the latest thinking in sustainable innovation, circular economy & regenerative economics to help our customers achieve corporate and sustainability objectives. 

We work with companies to kick-start their Sustainable Innovation journeys or to support with their plans to transform their current operations

Adopting sustainable and circular into your company is a multi-phase journey starting with understanding. We work with companies at all stages of their journey towards sustainability. We provide education & training through to the discovery of exciting business opportunities. 

Sustainability Opportunity

Assess current businesses to identify direct opportunities to take action. Combine your priorities with external best practices to diagnose.


Design & Test Solutions


Jump deep into solution conception and testing in a DesignThinking exercise. Ideate from a pool of innovative and proven business models and make it your own.

Partner or build

Find the right partners to launch your re-designed business and/or choose to create your own new solution with our help

4-6 Weeks

Mastering Circularity

Workshop (various formats)

Discover the core principles of circularity, how these can help achieve sustainability & growth objectives, and design solutions tailored to your company.

outcome: Primed and ready to start mapping opportunities and designing solutions

outcome: Understand internal & external factors and identify opportunities for sustainable innovation

outcome: Full solution design and early iterative test results with the market

outcome: Assessment of prospective partnership opportunities

Sustainable Innovation

Catch-up with our discussions on Sustainable Innovation

Joe Haslam, Serial Entrepreneur and Professor of Entrepreneurship at IE Business School moderates a panel on how do we accelerate change within our ecosystems. The discuss looks across the responsibilities of different stakeholders, including governments, corporates, and consumers, and how can entrepreneurship place a role to accelerate this.

Panel members include Amy Ryan, Founder and CEO of ESG Strategies, and Adam Mitchell-Heggs, Co-Founder of Net Positive Labs

Accelerating Change

South Summit 2021

Aoife Connaughton, Deloitte Partner, moderates a panel discussion on how green and circular business models can provide practical solutions to the transition to net zero, regenerative and purposeful value chains.


Panel members included Brendan Vidal Edgerton, Director, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD); Adam Mitchell-Heggs, Co-Founder  Net Positive Labs; and Angela Francis, Chief Advisor, Economics & Economic Development, WWF-UK.

How circular business models can provide practical solutions to the transition to net zero

Sustainability Summit 2021

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