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All organisations should look to forge an integrated value surplus. This means to create more than you take across the intersection of societal, economic, and environmental capital advancement.

Of raw materials in Europe used in manufacturing become waste before the product leaves the factory

of products made get thrown away in their first six months of being used

Cambridge Judge 

Circular Economy Centre

Cambridge Judge

Circular Economy Centre



€1.8 trillion

Net economic benefit in Europe alone by 2030 when applying Circular Economic Principles

McKinsey Center for

Business and Environment 

$4.5 trillion

Size of the circular economy opportunity. A driver for global economic growth.

World Business Council for

Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Let's build a circular world!

Discover how adopting circular business models can help you create new value internally whilst helping shape our overall value chains to become better for our societies and planet in the middle and long term.


Venture Lab.

We provide a number of services to support our partner organisations across their entire entrepreneurial journeys from ideation & validation, through to product & tech  development and launch. 


Net Positive Academy.

We support organisations with their transition to circularity, whether this is simply learning about the key principles of circularity through to adopting design thinking techniques to redesign their business and operational models.

Scroll down to discover our range of different services:

Services - VS

Venture Lab.

We believe that entrepreneurship will play a vital role in the acceleration of large scale circular ecosystems. Every year more and more exciting start-ups emerge and disrupt the way we produce, distribute, and consume.

At Net Positive Labs, we work with a collective of entrepreneurs on our own portfolio of circular venture and collaborate with corporations to support their venture building ambitions.

Corporate Venture Building is a novel asset class that enables corporations to create new sustainable solutions across core, adjacent, and beyond their natural sector. 

We support companies across their entire entrepreneurial journeys from establishing to correct strategic and operational frameworks for venture building, through to ideation, validation, product development, and launch.

Whether you are a large, or small company, municipality, family office, get in contact with us to explore the most relevant venture building options for you.


Venture Building

We build new ventures, with corporate partners, that have the potential to drive significant change within their ecosystem. We support across the identification of opportunities, the ideation of business concepts, through to full product development, founding team recruitment, and market launch.

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Start-up Bootcamps

Interactive masterclasses and workshops to introduce teams to the entrepreneurial mindset, essential methodologies, and already start ideating.

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Venture Advisory

Executive advisory service to support with the strategic establishment of custom made venture programmes that  follow industry best practice.

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Venture Garage

We assess and revitalise existing ventures that are not performing as well as planned and provide recommendations  to persevere, pivot, or perish.

We work with selected partners, including innovation experts, venture builders, product developers, UX & UI experts of amongst others:

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Net Positive Academy.

We can support your organisation to take direct action to build circular businesses and operational models. Contact us to learn what actions you can take now to drive your circular transition.

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Circular Bootcamp

A first step to circularity. Our bootcamps comprise immersive masterclasses and workshops to help you gain a firm grasp of circular principles and start to apply ideas to your operations & activities. Contact us to explore our programmes

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Put theory into action with a circular design project. We apply design thinking principles to identify key waste streams & inefficiencies, map stakeholder needs, and design new business and operational models

Image by Dylan Leagh

Sustainability Strategy

Build a sustainability strategy and contribute to the UN SDG 2030 agenda. We help you to develop a holistic and actionable sustainability strategy, from integrating the right UN SDGs, to decisions based on sustainable KPIs.

We have extensive experience producing applied research reports with corporates, multilateral organisations, foundations, and governments. Become recognised as a thought leader and impact driver within your ecosystem.


Thought Campaign

Capitalize on the research and knowledge capacity within your organization. Create a strategy and brand identity defined by thought leadership to drive integrated value and opportunity creation. 


White Papers

Catapult your brand identity through joint knowledge creation. White Paper reports can establish your position as a thought leader, providing publishable documents to shape industry perspectives.



Define your roadmap to become a circular organisation or drive a circular ecosystem. Roadmaps organize strategic visions into concrete plans for  organizations to pursue.

Services - Adv.

Our Net Positive Toolkits, Frameworks & Processes.

We work with our Net Positive Toolkit, frameworks and processes; comprehensive set of tools covering different topic areas to guide us and our partners with  ideation & venture creation.

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Impact & Sustainability Series

Circular Economy Series

Innovation Series

Venture Building Series

Innovation & Problem Libraries

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