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The knowledge hub's lean, collaborative approach helps shape the direction of impact ventures, drive net positive entrepreneurship, and enable world leading research collaboration.


How? by discovering and unleash hidden value across academic, enterprises, UX designers, deep knowledge, entrepreneurs, public sector, corporates, think-tanks, and other stakeholders. 

Articles published in over 10 national news outlets and translated into 6 different languages.


(inc. Sifted, The New Times, China Daily,  The Japan Times, Economic Times, MIT Tech Review Insights) 

Leading universities & research organisations with which our team collaborates.


(inc. UCL, IIPP, Ecole des Ponts, Harvard University, IE Business School)

Common Goal: to discover, incubate, and accelerate the next gen of thought leaders and ideas to drive circular transition.


The common goal in bridging research and entrepreneurship communities within and external to NPL

Our Network.

We bridge the relationship between deep research and entrepreneurship. Our team  and research partners have worked with leading research organizations around the world, including:

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Grand social challenges benefit from innovation; but its not simply about the best or most original idea, or the most unique technological fix. Instead it's about systematic experimentation and understanding of what works well in which environment.

Our collaborative research model seeks to navigate academic hierarchies without sacrificing rigor to unleash hidden value from different communities and sources of knowledge. 


We avoid research duplication and accelerate value creation from existing academic assets. This allows for a more circular and collaborative model of research



Our problem and solution libraries provide a systematic understanding of where gaps in research and innovation lie within a given problem area. 

Research Community

We build and maintain a robust research community. We source knowledge and insights efficiently from the vast pool of global experts. 


Target Areas

We continously scan and filter the best literature to better understand priority problem areas, and identify the associated stakeholders.



Let's imagine a different kind of platform economy

When the means of shaping a democracy are built on the ability to fine tune placement on a page, when the competitive advantage of a firm is dependent on non-transparent allocative algorithms, the concern is not simply whether there are anti-competitive practices, but whether, even if policymakers solve them, are they addressing the fundamental problem. Policymakers who merely focus on efficiency and the rate of innovation will fundamentally miss the opportunity, and rising demand, to improve the direction.




Driving the Sustainability of Production Systems with Fourth Industrial Revolution Innovation

The end goal of Accelerating Sustainable Production, a project of the World Economic Forum System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Production, is to harness innovation to strengthen competitiveness while delivering increased efficiency, improved human well-being and less environmental damage. Getting there will require a new level of public-private collaboration, as well as tapping into the developments wrought by the combined effects of biological, physical and digital technologies to create realities previously thought to be unobtainable.

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