System Transition to circularity in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Client: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Bosnia and Herzegovina is at the very early stage of the circular economy transition and needs to step up its green transition. UNDP is spearheading efforts to translate into policies and action the SDG Framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The circular economy is one of the accelerators under the “Smart Growth” pathway. 

We are working with the UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina to support this system transformation within the Wood & Furniture industry. This industry represents a substantial segment of exports, GDP, and employment. Despite this prominence, the sector faces key barriers in its position within international value chains. The post-covid-19 moment has helped accelerate BiH’s position in EU furniture exports and this research seeks to understand how circularity can drive sustainability and value creation alongside sectoral expansion.

We researched and advised on a set of strategic interventions that can integrate system transformation toward a circular economy in the country. This circular option portfolio will be positioned with the UNDP for pilot projects to advance the sector’s position and capacity.