Building a B2B SaaS platform in shipping and logistics

Net Positive Labs worked with a leading European port community to identify opportunities to develop platform business models that can accelerate the industry's transition to a more efficient and digital future. Following a series of ideation sprints, the team identified significant shortfallings in the industry’s digitisation of documentation (i.e. invoices & contracts), and  transfer of documentation between stakeholders across the shipping process.

We developed a new digital tool that acts both as a B2B SaaS and an API to enable quick and smart document transfer, allowing interoperability between previously incompatible systems. The platform uses NLP and OCR to collect all relevant information from one system and automatically complete documentation on another system. The solution replaces countless human hours spent on manual data input and prevents the need to print billions of documents yearly.

The platform has been the beneficiary of multiple national grants and awards for its contribution to improving the industry and sustainability.