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Accelerating a Net Positive World through Ventures, Innovation, and Research.

Our global production and consumption systems are far from being economically efficient and are placing irreversible pressure on our environment and societies.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a Net Positive world. We work with entrepreneurs, corporations, and government organisations to design and implement circular business models to achieve this.

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Business as usual is no longer an option. We need all organisations, private and public, to play a proactive role towards the transition to resilient and sustainable value chains. Net Positive Labs digs deep into the world of Circular Economy to design innovative solutions with our partners to achieve this.

We work with corporates globally to help understand and unlock the potential of the circular economy through innovation projects, and venture building



We provide a number of services to support our partner organisations across their entire entrepreneurial journeys from ideation & validation, through to product & tech  development and launch.

Circular Transformantion.

We support organisations with their circular transformation from understanding the basics of circularity to adopting design thinking  techniques to conceive, test, and implement new business models.

Are you an organisation, public or private, looking to accelerate your contribution to building a more sustainable planet? Explore our different services or contact us directly to learn more.

We also work on a number of internal ventures, tools, and research projects with a collective of co-founders, research fellows, partners, and expert advisors.

Net Positive Labs


We are developing our own portfolio of Net Positive ventures with a great team of experienced venture builders, product managers, and developers

Net Positive Labs 


We develop content in collaboration with exceptional co-authors that have proved themselves as subject area experts.

Net Positive Labs


We work with renowned experts on circular economy and business model innovation to build new tools to help our clients integrate circularity into their operations.

Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur or researcher looking to join a collective of likeminded individuals? Get in contact with us to learn more about our internal programmes.


Change is here. Are you ready?

“The old growth-model that is based on fossil-fuels and pollution is out of date, and it is out of touch with our planet”


Ursula von der Leyen. EU president, 2020

We apply the latest Technologies & Business Models.

Image by Alex Knight


We use Tech and data for good. Data drives our ventures - it is the fundament of our validation and the starting point of where we base our ventures on. We set to work the technologies unlocking this data value. 

Image by Dan Nelson


Platforms have the potential for circular economic products and services to get scaled quickly. With the right set-up platforms are enablers of profitable and sustainable change. 

Image by Matt Palmer


We rethink the standard, go for the unconventional, apply monetization models in new industries, capitalise on the circular economic principles and unlock new value. 

Our Interactive Divisions.

Circular economy frameworks are being adopted by leading innovators, including multi-national corporates, governments, and entrepreneurs to create more value to our societies and planet than they take.

Knowledge HUB.

We work with universities, think tanks, and world renowned experts to develop new ideas and drive thought leadership. We develop tools and frameworks to build pathways towards a Circular World. 

By mining academic archives, interviewing subject area experts, and sparring with entrepreneurs, we bring the latest concepts in impact and innovation to life.


We Conceive New Ideas

Knowledge Process

We select specific problem & innovation areas to focus in on

We engage experts and ecosystem stakeholders to generate new ideas  

We develop our most promising ideas into well researched concepts

We send our most exciting concepts to the venture lab to be put into action!


  We Turn Ideas into Ventures

Venture Lab.

We identify, validate, and build attractive circular business opportunities that address social and sustainability impact areas.


Our teams of venture builders and entrepreneurs embark on a specially designed venture building process which integrates impact from the get-go. Ship Ahoy!


Proof of Concept

A series of research, analytical,  and  design sprints to convert concepts to validated business cases

We stress test business cases with prototypes & tests to validate the market and operational feasibility

Venture Process


Once  validated, we build a product and take it for a test drive with customers to validate product-market fit


We’ve found the best features, we’ve squeezed out the bugs, we have a product, brand, and team, let’s launch!

Net Positive Academy.

From education through to action, we help organisation take immediate action toward generating Net Positive Impact.

We provide immersive bootcamps and design thinking  sessions to help organisations assess waste & inefficiencies and to design innovative initiatives to reduce this whilst driving profits forward.


We help you transform

Key Circular Academy Topics

General Sustainability Advisory (e.g. UN SDG, Circularity, ESGs

Circular Economy Capacity Building & Innovation

Platforms & Digital Innovation for good
(inc. 4IR tech stack)

Venture Building Ideation, Prototyping, Product development

Venture Lab.

We ideate,
& build ventures

Consistent flow of information and data between our divisions

Knowledge Hub.

We generate
ideas &
define concepts

Information & data codification for future use

Circular Academy.

We teach, collaborate,
& transform

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